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Our Facility

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Tau Publishing, LLC purchased its new facility in January of 2012 and moved from its former location in February of the same year. This purchase has given us the ability to add new equipment as well as hire much needed staff.

Our business model from the very beginning was to have the ability to design, print and bind books in-house. In addition to our design department we now have an in-house Emmy nominated professional illustrator, as well as highly skilled production personnel.

Currently we have four Konica Minolta color presses and two Konica Minolta black presses to produce our covers, inside pages and dust jackets. We also produce all of our marketing materials for the books we produce.

Our Horizon BQ270 book binder can produce up to 200 books per hour and is perfect for short runs and a quick turn around when we have rush orders to complete. While we specialize in short runs of books as they are needed we can also complete large runs of up to 5,000 books.

In March of 2013 we purchased equipment to produce case bound (hard cover) books. We have the latest case-making equipment from GP2 technologies and Casing in equipment from Schmedt of Germany. We are the only publishing company in Arizona that has in house capability to produce short run hard cover books.

With our new case binding equipment we are able to produce any type of case bound books as well as beautiful full color hard cover children’s books. It wasn’t too long ago that in order to produce a hard cover children’s book at an affordable price, they had to be produced overseas. Now we have that production capability in our own facility.

All of our covers for both perfect bound books and dust jackets for case bound books are laminated with either a gloss or matte lamination