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Item Name: In the Shadow of the Steel Cross
Item Number: 978-1-61956-517-3
Price: 16.9500
Shipping: 3.9900
In the Shadow of the Steel Cross by Louise Ketchum Hunt.

130 page perfect bound editor.

The evening of that infamous day, August 23, 1724, turned dark early. Two young men climbed down the hill behind their home, the Mission village of the Norridgewock Tribe. As they neared what was the stockade that had surrounded the fortified village, they heard the crackling of burning logs. Stepping out of the thick woods that surrounded the Indian village, they crept towards the firelight. All they could see was complete destruction of the great Norridgewock Village, so long despised by the English Government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This night the Colonial Govenor accomplished his goal to wipe out one of the great tribes of the Wabanaki nation. Sebbatt and Lui searched for signs of life. They tried to get back home in time to warn of Redcoats marching from Fort Richmond.

In the morning the bodies of the seven Indian Chiefs and their beloved priest, Fr. Sebastién Râle, would be found in the shadow of the steel cross.